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Airport & Aviation Safety

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One of CPoint’s primary missions is to help our clients to achieve and maintain the highest level of safety, while enabling efficient and sustainable air operations. This includes all aspects related to aviation: personnel, organization, operations, infrastructure, equipment, aircraft and systems.

Our approach goes beyond simple compliance to regulations. We are fully committed to our core-values: excellence, innovation, integrity and collaboration. Our expertise has been praised by more than hundreds of aviation clients and stakeholders around the world. We work for regulators and authorities, aerodrome and aircraft operators, air navigation services providers – and also project developers – to find practical solutions to today’s challenges.

Safety assessments & Aeronautical studies

According to ICAO and EASA, safety assessments are required to address safety concerns in case of non-compliances or deviations from regulations as well as prior to the implementation of changes in operations or infrastructure.

Very few aerodromes, air traffic systems and procedures, as well as infrastructural or operational changes are fully compliant to the applicable regulations or inherently safe. A safety assessment is required in most cases to ensure all concerns are addressed and safety is not compromised.

This instrument aims to find practical solutions to manage changes and mitigate safety concerns, make informed investment decisions, enable project development or prevent the implementation of cost-intensive measures.

CPoint’s safety assessments and aeronautical studies are based on methodologies and statistical sources which received high marks from numerous civil aviation authorities, aerodrome operators, air navigation service providers and other organizations or companies within the aviation industry.

A safety assessment, also referred to as “aeronautical study”, “safety case” or “risk assessment”, is an integral part of risk management.

Safety Assessment Methodology

System Description

Hazard Identification

Risk Analysis

Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation